Community Guidelines Post

Welcome to Bluefin’s Governance Forum! The goal of this forum is to provide community members with a platform to discuss topics related to Bluefin. This includes the product itself, features, parameters, programs, governance, and the community. Please take a look at our guidelines below on how to make use of this space and be a productive member of the community! Note: At the moment, we’re keeping our posts in English (until we’re able to provide multi-language support).

Thank you for being a part of the Bluefin community,

Bluefin Foundation.

Before you begin engaging, we want to remind you of our community values:

  1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Insults of any kind will not be tolerated. Spamming, self-promotion and/or advertising of any third parties will be deleted and may result in a permanent ban.
  2. Please keep discussions on-topic and use appropriate forums to avoid redundancy, confusion and miscommunication. Where possible, please throw in a :+1: instead of cluttering the thread.
  3. Keep your money to yourself, and don’t send any funds or crypto to anyone. No one from the Bluefin team will ever ask you to do this.

Lastly, please review the Governance Forum guidelines and FAQs before you dive into the discussion:

Forum Guidelines

This forum is dedicated to discussions on Bluefin governance, which includes on comments and proposals on:

  • Product
  • Technical Development
  • New Market Requests
  • Risk Parameter Updates
  • Governance Meta
  • Community Treasury
  • User Trading Rewards
  • Liquidity Provider Rewards
  • Safety Staking Pool
  • Liquidity Staking Pool

This is not the place for:

  • Generic Bluefin discussion
  • Bluefin support requests
  • Off-topic conversations

If you need technical support or want a place for more general discussion, visit the official Bluefin Discord or Telegram channel. Moderators will remove posts that are offensive or irrelevant to this forum.

If It’s Not Yours, Please Don’t Post It

While we encourage contribution to the governance forums, please only publish content that is original. In other words, you can’t copy, repost or redirect community members to other people’s work without their explicit permission. Additionally, you can’t post any content on how to steal intellectual property (software, video, audio, visual content) or ways to bypass the terms of use or other compliance measures.

The Power is In Your Own Hands

This space is managed by the Bluefin Foundation and you, the heart of the community. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to run the forums, we’d like to hear them! Feel free to suggest changes in the Community Feedback forum, or please contact us via Discord and Telegram. If you see engagement that does not adhere to the community guidelines, please inform a moderator.

Terms of Use

As a member of the Bluefin community, it is your responsibility to make sure that all governance decisions are in line with relevant laws and regulations. We advise the community to seek guidance from legal and regulatory experts before putting any proposal into action. Additionally, by using the exchange and participating in this forum, you agree to Bluefin’s terms of use. This is how we protect ourselves and our community!

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