Epoch 11 - Taker Program Parameters, and Incentives

As Epoch 11 kicks-off on January 3, here’s a summary of what you need to know:

  • Epoch 11: Jan 3rd at 13:00 pm UTC - Jan 17th at 13:00 UTC (2 weeks)
  • Taker Program Incentives: 1,788,461.50 BLUE & 143,937 SUI

And as with the previous epoch:

  • Trading Fees: 0.045% Taker Fees, 0.01% Maker Fees
  • Sui Trading Incentives:
    • SUI allocation for each epoch updates every 2 weeks, and amounts will be announced on Discourse
    • Deposited in your wallet ~3 days after the end of each epoch (once the cooldown period completes)
    • Capped at total trading fees, and distributed proportionally if total trading fees is greater than the bi-weekly Sui trading incentives
  • Initial T&E Program Design: Rewards are based on your pro-rata share of fees paid. This update improves the way we display rewards, providing a more accurate reflection of earned rewards throughout the epoch. Previously, rewards estimates were calculated assuming the entire epoch pool was distributed at any point in time. As a result, estimates were likely to change throughout the course of an epoch (usually inflated near the beginning) and would be most accurate near the end of an epoch. With this update, rewards will now be calculated based on the formula TPE * proratedRewardRatio, where TPE is the tokens allotted per epoch and proratedRewardRatio refers to the elapsed time since the beginning of the epoch. This adjustment does not impact the total token distribution at the conclusion of the epoch. It only provides a more accurate representation during the entire epoch of what you can expect to earn in rewards by the end.