How to set a stop loss

I want to know how to set a stop loss. It seems that the limit button sets a value after opening a position, but if the value is lower than the market value, it will be sold immediately. It seems that the limit button can only set a take profit and not a stop loss.I once thought of setting a stop loss and clicked limit to sell the position at the market price…Then he skyrocketed!!!!

Hi Andy, sorry to hear that you missed this move! When setting a stop-loss, you can click on the limit order button and it should bring up a menu for stop limit and stop market orders, which can be used for this. Please let me know if you have further problems and I can raise this with the team.

But I remember that after opening a position, there were two buttons, one was market and the other was limit. I clicked limit to set a price lower than the market price, and then the system sold it. Can I understand that this is the take-profit button? ? If there are other buttons for setting stop loss, please tell me. Thank you. It would be better if you can attach pictures. :grin:

Hi Andy, I think this video will help you.

I’ve just confirmed this with the team. A limit order means you are willing to sell at the price you specified or higher - and given the market was at a higher price, it triggers immediately as a market order.

You will specifically need to use stop limit/market orders for this use case. Normal market/limit orders are sent directly to the orderbook for matching as soon as possible. Stop orders are held in an intermediate state and will be sent to the orderbook for matching once the index price hits their specified trigger price.

I hope this clears this up :slight_smile:

I understand! Do you choose buy/long to set stop loss for both short and long positions?